Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat

Finally, the night as come.
A joy to me, but a nightmare to some.
I dress in my best.
Best for a fright fest.

Children come out in costume.
They seek candy to consume.
They say: "Trick or Treat!"
I say: "Come have a seat!"

I lay down a bow,
Their squeals a light to my soul.
I say: "Come now!"
They eat more than a cow.

So much candy they eat.
Then they drop off their feet.
While they all sleep,
Their bones I will keep.

A delightful meal, abundant to the end.
Maybe I should save some for the hen.
Her quality eggs, I will need.
They will taste as good as their feed.

When night turns to day,
Parents come to say:
"Where have those children gone?"
I say: "Maybe they had seen a con."
Happy Halloween. To all a good fright!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Demon's Night (A Halloween Poem)

Hey, followers of my blog. To get into the spirit of Halloween, I decided to post a horror poem that I wrote for my college English class. Enjoy.


The night is coming soon.

They no not their doom.
Fun and games is as far as they can see.
Well, for me, it will be a night of glee.

So here they come.
I wish to take more than some.
I will satisfy my hunger.
If only all nights were like this through Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer.

The lines between world blur only one day a year.
This fact alone, from my eye, brings out a tear.
They know not that I am a nightmare.
If they did, they would have taken care.

The way they beg is such a delight.
But it's just as fun when they put up a fight.
Suffering makes me cackle.
Tonight, monsters roam unshackled.

For humans, it is a night of doom.
For us monsters, it is a time we cast away our gloom.
They have forgotten that we exist.
Now they can't resist.

Their souls they didn't sell.
Still, they will see hell.
They will know a demon.
When this night is over I will weigh a ton.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rebooted Series

Hey, so I know I just talked about my rebooted fantasy series on Bubblews, but I wanted to talk about it again here. So, a long time ago, I wrote a series called Paladin Academy. This was when I was a high school student and still dreaming about becoming a writer in the future. I published the story on Amazon for Kindle, and it ended up being called the WORST BOOK EVER WRITTEN.
Since that comment, I procrastinated a little, but eventually took the whole series down from Amazon with plans to rewrite it all again. I procrastinated on that too, because I was busy with other stories, I had a job, and I was, and still am, studying for a Masters' in psychology.
Just yesterday, I republished the first book of the series, titled First Semester Magic. That comment called my book the worst book ever is still there. I just made the book an update, after all. But I can assure you that the book is WAY different from when the comment was posted. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ghost Hunting Detectives

Hey, so with the first book of my Paladin Academy reboot done, I thought I'd take the time to focus more on my mystery short story series, The Paranormal Debunker. To those of you who don't know about them, the stories are of a Chinese American former police detective, Tai-long Keung who hung up the badge to become a ghost hunter. Chronicling his adventures is his son, Tony, just like how Watson did with Sherlock Holmes. Although Keung really believes in the paranormal, he usually ends up proving the opposite, that there were no ghosts involved, and that it was just dangerous criminals, conspiracies or tricks. There are so far, ELEVEN stories out. Three more planned stories are left. I might write more stories if I ever get struck by inspiration again, but only the spirits would know when that would be.
If you want to check out the Paranormal Debunker's cases, you can start HERE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another Completed Work

Hey all you followers and readers of my blog. I just thought I'd come here and write about my progress in one of my stories. Just yesterday, I've finished and posted the final chapter of my Paladin Academy Reboot on Hubpages, where everyone can read for free. If you haven't started reading the story already, click HERE. But just to give you all a heads up, I'm planning to publish the story as an eBook on Amazon. And since Amazon Kindle doesn't want the digital version to be available anywhere else, I'm going to have to take down the chapters. I plan to do that SEVEN days from now.

As a special treat, check out the image I plan to put on the cover. Until the next story . . .