Looking for a Freelance Writer?

If you need someone to write for you, or have someone who would like to hire a freelance writer, then I'm your guy!

I will write for you:
* Business Letters
* Private Letters
* Poems
* Reports
* Essays
* Web Content
* Copywriting
* Resumes
* Cover Letters
* Research Papers
* Presentation Papers
* Complaint Letters
* Summaries
* Any kind of writing you need! Except for Threatening Letters. Threatening Letters are bad.

(NOTE!: For Resumes and Cover Letters, even a good one doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll land a job. Please keep that in mind.)

Be sure you to tell me EXACTLY what you need in your writing such as: Subject, Format, Font, and Information you wish to be put in the writing. I'm not a mind-reader or a psychic, so I won't know how to write to satisfy you if you don't give me instructions. For Research and Presentation Papers, you'll still have to be the one to do all the research, but I can look over the articles and information sources to summarize for you.

For my services it's an initial payment of $5. And when the final product is finished, it's a 10 Cents Per Word final payment. I'd prefer to be paid through PayPal. For that, the email to send the payment to is vkwokuh@gmail.com. If you'd like for another method of payment, just contact me and we can discuss options.

To contact me, you can use either the email vkwokuh@gmail.com or click HERE to get to my Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ pages.