Ben and Co. Novels

Follow the adventures of Benjamin Tao and his allies as they are plunged into a world of supernatural creatures, children with special powers, and heinous scientific organizations working to exploit those powers.

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Paranormal (Book One)

Ten years after a terrible crime, children around the world are being abducted. No one knows why they are being kidnapped, nor what happens to them. Not one child is heard from again, except one. When teenage Kung Fu master, secretly famed magician Masked John, Benjamin Tao's social service agent sister takes custody of the one girl that managed to escape, he and his family wind up kidnapped along with her and discover there's more to her than meets the eye. Together with a teen spy for the CIA and an assassin's daughter, they must work together to escape the grasps of an organization known as the Paranormal Research Foundation, that wishes to exploit the supernatural powers of the captured children, or forever lose their freedom, and maybe their lives. 

Supernatural (Book Two)

The PRF is back, and now under new management. A few months since Benjamin and his allies escaped their grasp, the organization has developed a heinous device that allows them to bring life back to the dead with a price. Now the dead must be the absolute slaves of the man who created the device, and what better way to use an army of the dead than to unleash it upon the world? Not if Benjamin Tao has anything to say about it. With allies new and old, Benjamin, once again, steps into the field of battle to protect all that he holds dear.

Spiritual (Book Three)

A few months ago, Benjamin Tao and his allies thought they had put an end to the nefarious PRF for good and that it was all over. Now, Benjamin lives a life of peace in Japan as Ryuu Samiou. But that peace is shattered when a young girl with powers to manipulate the future comes to him for help. Once more, he and Hanako, and friends old and new are thrust in a battle for their futures and the futures of all.

Virtual (Book Four)

An old grudge caused by Hanako Yamamoto's father drags Hanako and Benjamin Tao into a virtual reality world where a vengeful woman seems to control everything. But that is not all. In this world of zeroes and ones, an old enemy comes back from the dead to torment them further. It will take all of their skills and wits to make it out alive in a place where the whole world is against them.