My Books

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Follow the adventures of Benjamin Tao and his allies as he is plunged into a world of supernatural creatures, children with special powers, and heinous scientific organizations working to exploit those powers.

In a world like our own, but with animal people and amazing science, a little girl will journey to save her family and discover about herself.

Shadow Slayers Trilogy

There are creatures lurking in the dark that are far worse than the bogeyman. And it falls under a group of teenagers to protect us from them.

Marcus was just an ordinary boy before his mother inherited a mansion from a distant relative. He expected change in this new hometown, but not like this. When he moves into Silverwest Manor, he must inherit Alexander Silverwest's mantle as the family's head warlock. With new friends, he will be in for the adventures of a lifetime!

In a world where magic exists and almost anything is possible, there is a boarding school called Paladin Academy for children of the rich and powerful where not only are there the usual school subjects like math or economics, but also magic, where students can learn to harness magic powers and use them for the benefit of the world. But all is not peaceful in the school, as four students will find out. Follow the adventures of Sarah Wu, an average Chinese-American teenager who got in on a scholarship, Veronica Waldenburg, a ten-year-old genius with dreams of becoming a noble and heroic mage, the arrogant Ezekiel von Ghoul, son of a powerful mage, and Maxwell. And let's not forget their oh-so mischievous, crude humored, magic teacher, and also Sarah's brother, James Jing Wu, who is more than meets the eye.

Collection of poems by me. Enough said.