Sunday, February 8, 2015

Post of the Month

Hey, so it's been a really long time since I last posted something on this blog. I've been really busy, what with school work, my job, and all that. I've also been trying to keep pretty decent progress in my stories. Not just the ones on Hubpages but also my original light novel stories, a form of writing from Japan that seems to adopt elements of stories from manga (Japanese comics) and anime (animated shows). I post the chapters of the light novel stories in another blog. Just click HERE for them. Because I'm more focused on the other stories, I've been really slow with the light novel. Right down to maybe one chapter once or twice a month.
Anyway, these days I'm mostly focused on the second Paladin Academy book. What can I say? The series was the first one I seriously worked on ever. I do plan on getting back on track with the sequel to Country of Dragons, but that might be a while. And there's also still the final book of the Silverwest Manor Trilogy. Now that's a book that's long overdue for finishing.
Once one or two of those are done, I plan to get back to the Ben and Co. novels. Since those remain indisputably the best of my works to date, I want to get back on the series as soon as possible.
What else? Oh, yeah. I've also been writing a few poems, which you can check out the list on this web's Poetry Archive. Just click the link at the top bar or click HERE.