Silverwest Trilogy

Marcus was just an ordinary boy before his mother inherited a mansion from a distant relative. He expected change in this new hometown, but not like this. When he moves into Silverwest Manor, he must inherit Alexander Silverwest's mantle as the family's head warlock. With new friends, he will be in for the adventures of a lifetime!

Silverwest Manor (Book One)

Marcus' family just inherited a mansion from Alexander Silverwest, a distant relative. So it's a new town, new school, and new friends. Just the kind of thing a newly made family needed. But all is not what it seems in the town of Fallen Oak. Cats and dogs could talk and transform. There are tiny imps that attack in swarms. And just about half of the residents are either warlocks or Faerie.
As the inheritor of Silverwest's estate, it falls on Marcus to inherit Silverwest's title as a warlock, and not just any warlock, but one of the Nine, the ruling council of warlocks of Fallen Oak, with the duty to cast a magic ritual to stop demons from breaking out into our world and doing the usual evil demon stuff.
When trouble strikes the town of Fallen Oak that threatens his family, Marcus will have to follow clues left behind by the warlock before him and deal with an old evil that has come back to haunt the people of Silverwest Manor. But he won't be alone. He'll have friends at his side. And with a little bit of magic, anything is possible.

Warlocks of Silverwest Manor (Book Two)

Marcus and the gang are back. And this time, the stakes couldn't be any higher. It has been a while since they had last vanquished the demon spirit that threatened their town. This time, someone is after the Polaris Stone, a legendary object said to house the spirit of one of the brightest stars in the sky, that would give enough power to take over the world. Someone wants it badly and will do anything to get their hands on it. But who is this mysterious new enemy? And what will he use it for? But more importantly, just where in the world did the late Alexander Silverwest hide it?

Silverwest's Legacy (Book Three) 

A few years ago, an army of magical beings known as the Brethren, that was sealed away for many years was released by accident. Now they are getting ready to wage war against the world for the sake of all Faerie. Little do they realize that they are part of a more sinister plot. Now the chase is on for a legacy left behind by the great warlock Alexander Silverwest that might hold the key to the fate of the world. Will the Warlocks of Silverwest Manor get to the legacy first, or will the sinister force behind the Brethren finally have victory?