Monday, November 24, 2014


So, it's been a while since my last blog. This time, I wanted to talk about how my writing has been since I first started. Well, since I started middle school, I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I even started writing on scratch paper during my spare time. Teachers and friends who saw my writing thought that they were really good. Though, looking back, it was clear that I still had a long way to go. I still do.
However, I can say with great confidence that I've improved greatly over the years. Take for example, my book First Semester Magic. I think I mentioned in an earlier post how a couple of years ago, it was called "The worst book ever written or the worst book that could ever be written". And thinking back, it really was not very well written. That prompted me to take down the entire series, or what I got to for the whole series, and decided to redo the whole thing. Now, the latest review is FIVE STARS!
And let's not forget my novel Paranormal, which is probably where I started to see a difference in my writing compared to my earlier works. I consider it my greatest turning point as it remains the most sold out of the majority of my works. Of course, I'm still not making enough that I can make a living off of it, but that's not going to stop me from writing. I'm sure that the more I write, the more I will improve, until one day, I can stand at the top where people like J. K. Rowling and my other favorite authors now stand.
A guy can dream, can't he?