Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Status Update

Hey, so it's been a long while since I've done a proper blog. I've mostly done some poems now and then. Well, I have been busy with more than FOUR to FIVE projects, after all.

First off, if you've been following me on Twitter and Google+, you've probably become aware of the fact that I started writing an original light novel on another blog. If you don't know already, light novels are a type of novel originating in Japan with a deep connection to Anime and Manga in terms of stories, humor, picture artwork, and a few other things I might have missed. Being a fan of anime and manga, which are Japanese style cartoons, I've always wanted to try my hand in that kind of writing style. One of my dreams (that probably won't happen) is for my works to be adapted into an anime. BEWARE: my original light novels may contain language and themes that make it more appropriate for audiences ages fourteen and up. Please keep that in mind if you decide to check it out. You can check out the blog that contains the original light novel by clicking HERE . Or, you can check out HERE for the chapter archives of this first light novel series. The chapters will be about as long as the ones from my other works, but there should be some kind of difference between the way the stories are told. Just so you know, I have absolutely no intention of turning the works I post in that blog into a full book or Ebook. Anyone can read it for free on my blog. I've only got four chapters out. I'm still working on the fifth, but it'll be out soon.

Second in this update is that I've finally got around to fully publishing the first book in my rebooted fantasy series for the juvenile, middle grade and up readers. It only got one review, but a lot more positive one than what the original got a year ago. You can find the comment on the book's Amazon Ebook page, clicking HERE. Please remember that any comments from 2013 no longer apply since those comments were for the first version of the book. Although the basic plot remains the same, there is no way that this new version can compare to the old one. I dare you to get the book and see whether that old comment still applies. The title is First Semester Magic, it's Book One of the Paladin Academy Chronicles.

Thirdly, I've started writing a sequel to "First Semester Magic". Like with the first book, the basic plot remains the same, but there'll be a lot of changes so it should be considered a different book from the original. I'm not going to give anything away. You have to see for yourself starting HERE. Only got one chapter out right now, but the next one is coming soon.

Fourth: I'm trying to get the final Silverwest Trilogy book done. I'm so close to the ending that I can almost take it. But chances are, I'm not going to be done with it for a while yet. The other works just demand more of my time.

Fifth: Same with the final Silverwest Trilogy book, the novel Quest for the Witch, remains on hiatus.

And finally, I'm close to finishing the latest Ben and Co. novel, Spiritual. I am really proud of this series. There is a lot of excitement, suspense, and more action than the human heart can handle. This time, it'll be a fight to save a psychic girl from being used for world domination and stepping over lines that humans aren't meant to cross.

That's all I can share for now. Happy reading!