Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat

Finally, the night as come.
A joy to me, but a nightmare to some.
I dress in my best.
Best for a fright fest.

Children come out in costume.
They seek candy to consume.
They say: "Trick or Treat!"
I say: "Come have a seat!"

I lay down a bow,
Their squeals a light to my soul.
I say: "Come now!"
They eat more than a cow.

So much candy they eat.
Then they drop off their feet.
While they all sleep,
Their bones I will keep.

A delightful meal, abundant to the end.
Maybe I should save some for the hen.
Her quality eggs, I will need.
They will taste as good as their feed.

When night turns to day,
Parents come to say:
"Where have those children gone?"
I say: "Maybe they had seen a con."
Happy Halloween. To all a good fright!