Saturday, October 25, 2014

Demon's Night (A Halloween Poem)

Hey, followers of my blog. To get into the spirit of Halloween, I decided to post a horror poem that I wrote for my college English class. Enjoy.


The night is coming soon.

They no not their doom.
Fun and games is as far as they can see.
Well, for me, it will be a night of glee.

So here they come.
I wish to take more than some.
I will satisfy my hunger.
If only all nights were like this through Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer.

The lines between world blur only one day a year.
This fact alone, from my eye, brings out a tear.
They know not that I am a nightmare.
If they did, they would have taken care.

The way they beg is such a delight.
But it's just as fun when they put up a fight.
Suffering makes me cackle.
Tonight, monsters roam unshackled.

For humans, it is a night of doom.
For us monsters, it is a time we cast away our gloom.
They have forgotten that we exist.
Now they can't resist.

Their souls they didn't sell.
Still, they will see hell.
They will know a demon.
When this night is over I will weigh a ton.