Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Hey there, followers of my blog! I hope you're having a chilling and thrilling Halloween this year. As for me, not very eventful. So, for this day of frights and screams, I thought I'd share a poem with all of you.
Hope you enjoy. Happy reading, and happy Halloween!

I Am the Unseen by, Victor Kwok

I am the unseen.
I have no substance.
But I remain chained.
My presence is rarely perceived.

Specialists call to me.
But my voice seems to never reach.
But my presence will be known.
My story will be known.
My pain will be known.

The end remains constantly in my memory.
I will never fade.
This place is my home.
This place is my prison.
My endless prison.

And soon, it will be yours too.

 - I also have another new poem for Halloween which you can read by clicking HERE. Hope you enjoy!