Saturday, February 11, 2017


Hey there, followers, readers, and book lovers, have I got some good news for you. But first, happy belated New Year!

Now onto the  good news. I"VE FINALLY FINISHED ANOTHER NOVEL! It look a long time because I've been becoming extra busy, and that's likely not going to change for some time, but I finally did it! The latest Ben and Co. novel is now complete, and on its way to being published on Amazon Kindle as I write this and you read

I'll post more information on it later. But for now, here's what you should know. For this time around, instead of Createspace, I've decided to use Amazon Kindle's new paperback publishing feature. I just thought I'd try it out and have decided that everything will be on Amazon Kindle from now on, paperback and ebook. Honestly, paperbacks made through Amazon will be cheaper than paperbacks made through Createspace. I plan to move all the other novels's paperback versions I published through Createspace to Amazon Kindle eventually, but chances are, it'll take just as much time as finishing writing a whole book.

Now here's a little bit about the story of my latest novel:

Ben and Hanako end up being trapped in a virtual reality world created by a woman whose loved one was murdered by Hanako's father years ago. Using this world, the woman hopes to torment Hanako in front of Hanako's dead father, who was brought back to life as a zombie through a machine created by an old enemy of Ben's. It'll take everything Ben and Hanako have together to survive this virtual world. Meanwhile, hearing what happened, some old friends of Ben and Hanako come together to mount a rescue.

That's all I have to say about the story. You'll all have to find out the rest when the book comes out in Amazon in a couple of days.

Now, I have to bid you all adieu, and hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day.