Thursday, August 14, 2014

Excerpt: Paranormal

So, I was just given advice that it would be a good idea to post excerpts of my works on my blog. Thus, today's post will be an excerpt chapter of Paranormal, book one of my Ben and Co. novel series. This excerpt was originally posted on Hubpages, but since it hasn't gotten more than 41 views for a long while, it seemed like a good idea to delete it there and put it here. Enjoy.


Willow never imagined that she would ever be discovered, chased down and abducted. But that was exactly what is happening.
It was all on the news how children were being abducted one after another, all over the world. All of them have just one thing in common. All of them were rumored to have special power, just like she did. But it didn't make sense! Unlike the abducted children, who had shown off their special ability on television, Willow had never used her power outside of the windowless, soundproof attic. She wanted a normal high school life. And you can't really have that if people find out you can move things with your mind.
Her shoulder-length red hair was blown back as she ran at full speed, stumbling over hazardous gaps in the concrete, her sneakers clopping louder than a horse's shoes. She looked around wildly in a desperate search for someone to help her, but finding her efforts for naught. There was no one in sight in the streets that she had crossed. No one came out of the buildings when she screamed until her throat was sore. Why was no one coming out to see what was wrong? Was it because of the squadron of men dressed like SWAT team? Or was it because the houses were so set apart and huge that no sound could travel into them?
Whatever the case, resentment was rising in Willow as she ran from her would-be captors. She cursed the people of the neighborhood for their uncaring ways, and she cursed her special power which had become all but useless for bringing the men to her and not working when she needed them the most. The moment the men had made their appearance as she was on her way home from her part-time job, the first thing she did was try and use telekinesis to throw loaded garbage cans at them as they came out of the black, unmarked van that had screeched to a halt in front of her.
Willow just managed to slip through after discarding both her backpack, which contained her homework, cell phone, and wallet (that was stupid), and her denim jacket, which contained the can of pepper spray that her grandmother insisted that she brought with her everywhere she went. It was with a spare can of pepper spray usually kept in her jeans pocket that she was able to get so far away. The can was empty now, and the men were all wearing helmets with clear plastic masks anyway. When the last of the spray was spent, she chucked the useless container away which bounced harmlessly off the helmet of the leading man. He wasn't fazed the slightest.
Eventually, they caught up to her. They surrounded her like bees. Their collective grip was strong, and Willow was soon inside the van with duct tape over her mouth and her hands handcuffed behind her with cloth between her skin and the cuffs so that it wouldn't chafe.
The van drove out of the neighborhood at moderate pace. It was stopped by a police officer only when the van mistakenly made an illegal turn. He gave the driver a ticket and then drove off, none the wiser.

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