Sunday, September 7, 2014

Funny Sale Stats

Hey, so today, I wanted to talk about my sale stats on Amazon. Recently, I noticed some grammar errors, so I decided to update my book "Paranormal", book one of the Ben and Co. Novel Series. As a result, I ended up making an entirely new PAGE for the ebook on Amazon, and even on Goodreads. After I published the new version with a cover to match the print version of the book and some corrected grammar, for a couple of days, I made the ebook free through one of Kindle's promotion tools. The funny thing is, when not free, I'd be lucky if sales went up by 3 copies per month. However, whenever I made one of my books free for five days, sales jump from between two to three digits! I was hoping the other kinds of sales would reach that point by now. It was sort of my dream to make an actual living through my writing. But for now, I'll have to contend with keeping a normal job like everyone else.