Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A New Page

So, yesterday while I was fiddling with Blogger, I finally decided to create my first page. I know. I've been doing this for several days already. But I was pretty much still a newbie to blogging and didn't know what the pages button was for until yesterday. Before I started writing at all, I mostly just used my computer to watch Youtube videos and play online games.
My first page is pretty much a list of all the books I published on Amazon. Well, it's more like a list of all the series I'm working on. While I was making this page, I decided to make more pages, each dedicated solely to one of the series and linked them to the first page, "My Books". To get to these series pages, just click on the title of the series listed. It was a bit of work, going back and forth between the first page and all the other series pages. In the series pages, I summarized each book there while the main list page summarizes the series, somewhat. I also linked each book to their Amazon Ebook sites. To get to the books on Amazon, all it takes is clicking on the title of the book.
So, check it out and let me know what you think.