Saturday, July 12, 2014

Again With Future Plans

Once again, I wish to share with you, my followers, my goals and plans for the future. Recently, I've taken to watching a J-RPG walkthrough on Youtube. The story of that RPG is horror, and that got me thinking about my Shadow Slayers Trilogy. On that series, I've only got one book out. It's been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe when I'm done with "Spiritual" the third Ben and Co. Novel I'll finally start working on the second book. But that still might take a while, since I've only gotten past the middle point of my goal for that third book. And then there are the other books I'm working on. There's the conclusion to my Silverwest Trilogy, and the Paladin Academy Series Reboot. I have so much I want to get out, and I'm really impatient to get them out now. But I also want these stories to be the best I can ever write. I don't want any of my works to be like junk, even if writing stories is just a hobby. 
So, look forward to the future. And have a great weekend.