Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Progress

So, today, I wanted to talk about the progress I've been making with the books I've been working on right now. Right now, I think I'm making a really good pace as far as I can see with the stories I'm working on in Hubpages. I only started Paladin Academy #1 about four weeks ago and already have nine chapters out. Chapter Ten is still in the works.
Spiritual, Book 3 of my action-packed, sci-fi, supernatural, teen spy young adult novel is already about halfway through. At least I have about close to half the total number of chapters I wanted to make. My self-set general goal is for the majority of my books to have a minimum of thirty chapters. I think I'm doing okay on that front. So far, most of the books I put on Amazon have over three hundred pages, at least by a normal book's standard.
I've been working on Spiritual for two months now, and hope I can finish to put on Amazon with its predecessors(Paranormal and Supernatural) before the summer is over at the earliest.
As for the final book in my Silverwest Manor trilogy, progress has been very slow in the past year, but I'm finally closing in on the end. Just a few more chapters to go, but I'm not sure I'll finish it before I finish Spiritual and Paladin Academy because of how strongly I'm more attached to those two right now. And then there's Quest For the Witch, which was the very first fiction work I started on Hubpages. But for the same reason as with the final Silverwest Manor book, I've put it off in favor for what I'm working on right now. There's also another trilogy I've got going on called Shadow Slayers, a bit of a horror, action young adult series that I've also put on hold. I already published the first book, but haven't started working on the second one yet.
I want to complete everything I've started, and am very eager to put my other ideas into writing. I'm very impatient that way, so will keep on writing as much as I can in as fast a pace I can.