Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Favorite Creations: Characters

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite creations in writing. But it isn't about a story, or a series this time. It's about a specific character that I have been fond of since I first thought him up in high school. As I'm sure my followers know, I've rebooted a series of fantasy novels that I worked on when I first started trying my hand in serious writing. The character I'm most attached to out of all my creations no matter the story or universe, is James Jing Wu from my ongoing Paladin Academy series.
So far, I have him depicted as a sort of moron who has a somewhat extreme mischievous streak. He loves to play pranks on his students, and mostly does his own thing without having to fear the consequences most of the time. I can't really say anymore since I haven't gotten as far to reveal the whole story of Wu, but I can say that there are some aspects of him that I wished I had, like the ability to be an effective talker in front of people. I'm more suited for intrapersonal-type jobs, like writing, but find myself a bit lacking when it came to interacting with others in person, like in an interview or something. You could say that I'm a bit too shy for my own good.
There are other aspects about him that makes him one of my favorite characters, but at the moment, those aspects have not been written down. If you follow along the Paladin Academy series, you might start to see some of those aspects that makes him stand out to me as one of my creations. It'll be a long journey, but a fun one. This, I'm sure I can promise you.