Thursday, June 19, 2014

How My Writing Is Doing In Terms of Stats and Money

So, today I wanted to rant about how I'm doing stat-wise and money-wise as a writer. Honestly, in terms of stats, I'm doing okay, I think. On a regular basis, the total number of views for my stories on Hubpages are in the double-digits. I've got a regular, loyal audience there. But I only ever earn about half a dollar a month through there.
For the eBook novels I've published through Amazon, about an estimate of 3 eBooks total are usually sold. The book that sold the most frequently was "Paranormal" which was Book #1 of my sci-fi, supernatural, action, teen spy story. It even got a decent review on its Amazon page, if only one. Out of all the stories I published, only two were reviewed on Amazon the second being "Silverwest Manor" the first of a planned Fantasy trilogy for young to teen readers. Ironically, when I used the Free Book Promo feature on Amazon, units usually ranged between two to three digit figures the first time around for any of my books!
For Twitter,I just recently got up to a HUNDRED followers! My Tumblr account has only a quarter of that, though. And lastly, my Google Plus account just has about 22 total followers, including a few friends.
Although, I'm mostly just writing as a hobby right now, I do have a dream to one day make a career out of my writing. But, realistically speaking, it'll probably be years before that becomes a reality.