Monday, June 16, 2014

Feeling Lazy So Here's an Excerpt

Hey, so like the title said, I'm feeling lazy right now, so I decided to just post an excerpt from one of my books. Check it out and if you like, you can check out the full novel on Amazon.
For this week, my excerpt will be from the second book of my Ben and Co. Novels, "Supernatural".

"They were supposed to be dead, after all.
She was there when their bodies were cremated. She was young then, so even with her intelligence, she didn't understand anything then. But the memory of their burning was seared into her brain. How was it possible that they were there? What were they doing there?
"Hello, son," the man said in Mandarin. "How have you been?"
Benjamin said nothing. He just stared at the couple, his hands in his pockets.
"Have you slept well last night?" asked the woman.
They were uncanny doubles of the couple whose funeral Emily attended. But they weren't as lively as their photos made them out to be. Their expressions of boredom and indifference were much like that of their son's.
Again, Benjamin said nothing.
Suddenly, the couple pulled out extremely large knives and sprang at their son. They swiped at him, spinning and dancing with deadly grace, faster than Emily's eyes could follow. To Benjamin's benefit, he was faster and blocked their arms with his again and again, jumping away as they stabbed at him. At first it seemed like the couple was going to overpower Benjamin. They outnumbered him. But somehow, if Emily were not in shock-induced stupor, she would have doubted that they would win.
What was going on? Was this all a dream or something? Emily certainly felt awake right now. First, after all these years, Emily finds the boy she grew up with, the boy she tried to get out of his sealed shell, here in the same country where she was hiding. Now, she was watching as two people whom she knew to be dead, trying to kill their only son in a match of extreme Kung Fu.
This day was getting unreal. What she was watching couldn't possibly be happening.
And then, as if that wasn't enough to blow her mind in a really bad way, Benjamin's hands became gold-scaled lizard claws which, in a uniform sweeping motion of his arms, he used to cleanly sliced their throats. Blood poured out of the wounds, but Benjamin managed to pull back in time before any of it got on him. Only his hands and part of his jacket sleeves were stained. He threw it off and went for the nearest water tap to wash it off.
Emily was gripped in terror. Not for the first time, she felt tears rising, her heart racing. But it wasn't from the frustrations of being the target of unjust bullying this time. All that blood, that fight, and Benjamin slaying two people who should be dead and could be his parents with such cold, merciless efficiency had just broken her mind. She felt like screaming, but what came out was a pathetic whimper.
Suddenly, Benjamin sprang up.
"Who's there?""

So, what do you think? Want to check out the full story? Just click HERE.