Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ritual Poem: Computer Ritual

So, as promised, here's one of the poems I wrote for a college English course that covered poetry. It's a ritual poem about me playing a game on the computer. Enjoy.

1. Turn on the computer that waits for you everyday.
2. Get onto the Internet where others wait for you to come.
3. Answer to the calls for help from friends far away.
4. Log into your favorite game, wait for it to load.
5. When the 2D images appear then begin.
6. You come into a world of fantasy, where you can dress however you like, use whatever weapon you like.
7. Choose between places, where some are medieval, while others are steampunk, and some are even Gothic.
8. Go where you have to go, where friends wait for your aid, where quests and destinies are waiting to be fulfilled.
9. Chat with them, talk story, and be their mentor.
10. Tell them which monsters to slay for items to complete certain quests.
11. Show them where they should go for the next chapter in the story.
12. Fight side by side with friends and strangers alike.
13. Be your friend's support, act the healer and aid.
14. Give them strength and speed boosts with your spells.
15. When your life bar, or the life bars of others are low, use your healing magic so they could last longer.
16. Slay the monsters and finish the quests to save and protect the people of the world where you are hero.
17. For each monster to fall, you get stronger, and your friends who fight along with you do too.
18. Level, strength, and power increase.
19. New spells, new skills are mastered until there's nothing new to learn.
20. Duel with the area boss, aided by friends and strangers.
21. If you die, come back and continue the fight. Keep doing that until you win.
22. Watch as you live to fight another day.