Saturday, June 21, 2014

Poem: Light Within Darkness

Today, I felt like showing you all this poem. It was originally published on Hubpages about over a year ago, but since then, no one's read it. I thought it might be better to make use of it and transfer it over here.

The poem's about appearances and what's within. Light and Dark are metaphors for the kind of soul that resides in a person in contrast to their outer appearance. The poem also makes note of the opposite times, Day and Night, and how both contain Light and Darkness.


Light Within Darkness
Darkness Within Light.
In the Light of Day,
Shadows come out and play.
And when Day turns to Night,
Darkness blankets all but is pierced
By Moon's Light.
Within the Light of Outer Beauty,
Ugly Darkness may thrive.
Hidden by Outer Ugly Darkness
May Beautiful Light Within Shine.
One cannot be without the other.
Light Within Darkness.
Darkness Within Light.