Monday, June 9, 2014

Future Plans

So, for this blog, along with talking about my novels, I've also decided to add some poetry here that I've done for a college course. It'd be a waste to just leave them to gather dust, and a bunch of these got me a good grade in that course. I won't post them all at once. Maybe once in a while. I'll probably create more poems if the mood strikes me. So that's something followers of this blog can look forward to.
I've also decided that I should try freelance writing. You know, hire myself to strangers and write what they want me to write for them for a monetary price at a reasonable or cheap rate. I can do letters, essays, web content, poetry, articles, and maybe even research papers as long as they're the ones that did the necessary work. What I wouldn't do would be threatening letters. Threatening letters are bad.
So, if you need something to be written but having trouble with it, give me a shout in the comments, Google+, or email if you think I'm your guy.