Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poem: Walking to Class

Today's blog post is another poem I wrote for my college English course. I think the title's self-explanatory. Enjoy.

Walking to Class

With time growing short,
A journey, I must complete,
to a very important destination.

Sun was so bright
It was blinding
To my eyes.

But things darken
when I walk further
Between two lines of trees.

The green leaves of
Tall trees shield us all
Giving relief to the sun wary.

 I remember problems
That need to be solved
And answered without fail.

There is panic
At the thought
Something was forgotten.

Like me, others are
on their way to class,
or out of class.

There is always
People walking about,
in a hurry, or just resting

talking with friends,
Doing their homework,
Or having their lunches.

Solution, plans, memories
Come to mind
That eases the stress.

Now and then,
A bike comes
and a skateboard passes by.

Birds flock around
where there is food
And peck at the ground.

There are a few wet spots
Coming from the sprinklers
to the concrete road leaking from one side to another. 

Finally, towering over me
There is the dull white building
where my next class starts.