Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Favorite Series

Of all my creations, I believe he Ben and Co. novels, one of the current series I'm working on, is my favorite. At the very least, I'm more attached to it right now than most of my other works. The series is probably one of the most action-packed I've made so far. It's mainly science fiction, but with a lot of supernatural elements as well. So far, I've got two novels out on Amazon, both in paperback and in eBook for Kindle.
Basically, the novels follows the events that happen around Benjamin Tao, a teenager with a lot more skeletons in his closet than most teenagers would ever have. I decided to go with the serious, stoic main character with the tragic past really because I thought someone like that would be cool. Through him, I decided to work under the concept that he was at least a little self-serving. Unless it involves someone he cares about, he's not likely to put himself in danger for any cause. Basically, he doesn't care about the world in general so long as it doesn't affect the livelihood of his family and friends. At first, I wanted his specialty to be just his rad Kung Fu skills and magic tricks (he also leads a double-life as a famed masked stage magician). But then  I decided that he needed powers. I was really fond of Chinese dragons, so I decided to have him turn into that.
In the first book, "Paranormal", this is when Benjamin gets plunged into a world that he didn't know about. By some odd coincidence, he comes across a girl pursued by an organization looking to exploit her powers. Eventually, because of this encounter, he ends up getting taken back along with her, as were his sister and her family as well, upon her recapture. In captivity, he meets a teen spy, and an assassin's daughter. Together, they must work to escape from the organization. It is also during captivity that Benjamin ends up with his powers. I won't say anything more than that because I don't want to spoil any more than this post is probably already going to spoil.
The second book, "Supernatural" is even more full of action than the previous book. I've added some really intense fight scenes. This is also the part of the story where Benjamin Tao is really pushed to his limits. I mean, like close to death limits, and limits that would make even a larger-than-life guy like him feel like slipping. I've also added some new allies, and explored a little more on Benjamin's past. The book was really supposed to be a sort of conclusion to Benjamin's adventures. At least the ending of this book was how I originally pictured the finale. But, I suddenly had inspiration for a third adventure, and maybe even more adventures to follow.
Called "Spiritual", it'll be about Benjamin's new life. I might explore more on his love life, but since romance drama isn't really my thing, I can't really make any promises. I'm currently working on it on hubpages. With nine chapters out. They're available free on Once I finish the last chapter, I'll wait about two weeks or so before taking them all down to publish on Amazon and Createspace, and then work on the next book. That's how I usually do things.
So, you can just check them out by clicking on their titles and tell me what you think on the comments.