Saturday, June 7, 2014

My First Series Rebooted

Hey, all. So today, I want to talk about one of the first series I've ever wrote, called Paladin Academy. I started writing novels for fun and practice back when I was in high school. My goal then was to write fantasy for kids like J. K. Rowling. At the time, I thought that the books were good enough for publishing. Now, however, I could see very clearly that parts of the books that I wrote then, and the overall plot of the series in general needed a major editing. So, I decided to take down the ones I've already put on Amazon, and rebooted the whole series, starting with the very first book.
The point of the series I was writing was to follow the lives of four kids attending a really high class boarding school that also has a magic department. Their teacher is a really obnoxious and annoying magician that likes to play mischief, but also has stuff in his closet that people don't know about in the beginning but will discover over time. One of the four kids who are the main characters is a Chinese American kid who got in through a special scholarship, so stands out a little in the school since mostly kids of the rich and powerful get to attend.
So far, for the reboot, I got five chapters out on Hubpages that people can check out for free. I'm still trying to stick to my original attempt to put a lot of humor along with all the magic, action and stuff. There's still a lot for me to think about in improving the overall plot of the series, make it less chaotic and confusing. You can check out what I have so far starting from this link:

So, check out what I have so far, and if you have some pointers you want to give, just post them on the comments either at the Hubpages pages, or under this blog.

Have a good day, all!

Victor Kwok
Independent Author