Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mystery Writing

So, one of my favorite story genres, be it from TV, movies, books, or comics, is mystery. I first took a liking to it when I was a kid and happened to stumble upon a Japanese detective show. Of course, it was English subtitled. One of my favorite detectives was Sherlock Holmes, and I wanted to write a book of a similar style to his stories. And I sort of did just that with a series of short stories I wrote on
The short stories on Hubpages are about a Chinese-American paranormal investigator who is a big believer in all things ghosts. But instead of ghosts, he ends up solving crimes that caused things that just seemed like the paranormal was there. Narrating his exploits is his half-Chinese, teenage son, who was also genius enough to graduate college a few years before the start of the series. So far, I have about ten or so stories out. I do plan on writing more, but it depends on when I'm hit with inspiration for another case. So far, that hasn't happened in a couple of months.
You can start following his adventures to where I left off by clicking HERE.
I also wrote a novel about a teenage scholar with Sherlockian abilities who lives in a world called Atlantis. The setting of the novel would classify it as sort of steampunk and science fiction with elements of the supernatural. I already finished the first adventure, but I don't plan on publishing it anytime soon while I'm too focused on other series at the moment. I planned for this Atlantean scholar's story to be a series. Though I already sort of published a story of his, but the main focus of that novel is a little girl whose story takes place in the same world.
That's it for this blog. Have a great day, everyone!